The Brock’s Christmas List

We need to be at 30% support by the end of this year in order to leave by our targeted date of Fall 2015. We are STUCK at 8% support. We need 22% of our funding in 6 weeks (that’s almost $2,000/month in new monthly gifts). We are having lots of faith that these funds can be raised!!

SO…….Here’s our Christmas List!
8 people to give $25/month
7 people to give $50/month
6 people to give $75/month
7 people to give $100/month
2 people to give $150/month

When someone commits to give, we’ll fill in the appropriate box to show you our progress! You’ll be excited to see your box get filled  We’re excited to see how God is going to provide!



(psst….can’t commit to regular monthly giving?  We love “stocking stuffers”!   You can still give one-time gifts to go into our outgoing expense account (to pay for things like our language schooling, airplane tickets, etc).


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