that day I got a free kitchenaid mixer….

photoI’ll never forget the day I got a kitchenaid mixer.

As most women who spend time in the kitchen, a kitchenaid mixer has become one of the most luxurious, coveted kitchen gadgets around.  I’ve wanted one for years, but never wanted to spend the cash on one. I gave myself a million reasons why I could never afford one (most of that was truth) and as time ticked by,  I was perfectly content with hand mixing even the most tedious of cookie recipes (including my grandma’s Christmas sugar cookie recipe – major arm workout).

Daydreaming and longing aside, we’ve been planning to move overseas for almost 10 years.  TEN whole years.  So that means we weigh every major purchase with: Can we easily bring this to Japan?
Can we buy it there?  Is it worth the up front expense  if we will leave it behind when we move?

So on top of the price of the kitchenaid, it never seemed like a long term investment that would make sense for us.  Until…..

I posted something on facebook comparing the electricity in the US with Japan….and through that thread someone happened to offer me their kitchenaid. FOR FREE.  Um…what?  A simple internet search shows me this individual could’ve gotten $100-200 for it on ebay or craigslist.  Yet for some reason, this insanely generous person decided to give me an extra one they had, for nothing.

Baffled by this generosity, I made them take some gift cards I was holding on to, in some feeble attempt to pay them back.  Although, they weren’t looking for pay-backs.  I was stunned by their willingness to part with such a pricey kitchen item.

So you better believe that every time I use it, I’m reminded of their generosity.  When I bake cookies for support meetings or family nights, I’m reminded.  When I mix mashed potatoes, I’m reminded that I don’t deserve this kitchenaid mixer.

See, the kitchenaid mixer is a physical representation to me of living on the financial support of others.  Although we don’t currently live on financial support, we will within the next year as we quit our jobs and start full time ministry (Lord willing).  This mixer reminds me of the many generous gifts we’ve received so far on our support journey.  I don’t necessarily attach a dollar amount to these gifts.  God’s ministry to Japan has supporters that sacrifice so much to be a part of His work.  I pray that I never forget the sacrifice….that I never take it for granted.  People could put their money elsewhere:  material items, their kids college fund, their retirement, another ministry, etc, the list goes on.  God nudges the hearts of people to generously give to Japan.

I pray we’ll never forget how much that means, and we’ll never stop appreciating every single dollar or every single prayer.

Words can’t express our appreciation for your sacrifice.  Thank you, partners.  🙂



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