Do you know our favorite part?


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Most people know we are in the support raising process, but they don’t know exactly what that looks like.  What pictures or scenes come to your mind?

Do you envision us strolling through your neighborhood, lurking outside your door, waiting until that perfect moment when you just sit down to dinner, to knock on your door and ask for money?


Do you picture us standing outside of a department store, wearing a red vest and ringing a bell?  (that is a good idea though!  heard it’s a popular method of fundraising…)

Support raising is this:  we are asking you to join us in the work God is doing in Japan.
We are inviting you to become partners.

When you give, do you feel like you’re truly a part of what you’re giving to?

For most, the invitation to join our ministry has started over a cup of coffee.  Perhaps a cookie or two. There was that one time I made a killer-tasty vegan chocolate cake.  We want to invite you into our home, and into our life.

We wouldn’t trade this phase of our lives for anything.

Would you believe that our favorite part of support raising is NOT hearing that someone will partner with us?  As humbling, and heartwarming as that is, that’s not our favorite part.  Our favorite, sweetest moments are the times we’ve had talking with people in our living room or around the kitchen table. Meeting someone in passing or seeing them at church every week does not a true friendship make. Pure and wonderful fellowship happens through serving together, through sitting and listening and talking.

So, won’t you come and hear about what God is doing in Japan?  We will invite you into our home, pour you a cup of decaf, half-caf or regular coffee (and yes I offer Starbucks caramel syrup!), and ask you how you are doing, because we really want to know.  And then we will tell you about our story, why Japan, and why they need the gospel. And we’ll ask you if you want to join us.  If you can’t, we won’t give you the stink eye.  God calls everyone to give – just not to the same things.  If Japan is one of those, great.  If not, we’re so happy you came to listen and hear about Japan.

Perhaps God IS nudging your heart to join us.

You’re invited.



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