and if not…He is still good.

unnamedIn November, we prayerfully asked God to be 30% funded by the end of 2014.  We knew this was a lofty goal and desire, but we know that God can answer some pretty big requests.

Where did we come up with 30%?
Our goal is depart for Japan by the end of this year.  THIS year.  In 10 months.  30% would put us “on schedule” to leave by this fall. We closed out 2014 just a hair under 17% funded.  We don’t regret our lofty goal and prayers made in faith to reach 30%.


We started November just under 10% funded, so we’ve grown by almost double. That’s exciting!  We’ve had numerous new partners, $630 new dollars per month in monthly support.

Our favorite parts weren’t seeing the numbers increase….it was night after night, day after day of sitting down with old friends and new: getting to know them, their stories, telling them about our desire to move to Japan, and the depth of the need for the gospel in the second largest unreached people group in the world.  

Obviously, God didn’t choose to move in the way we asked, but He is still good. It wasn’t His desire. We trust His will above ours, and so we set out in 2015 with more faith and trust in Him. If He wants us in Japan, we’ll get there…and it certainly won’t be because of Stephen and Kaytlin Brock.


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