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Kaytlin’s former college, Baptist Bible College was kind enough to feature our ministry journey on their website!


Kaytlin BrockEven though Kaytlin Brock has never lived in Japan, she considers it her home.

Truth be told, she never wanted to go to Japan, or be a missionary at all, for that matter, and she dreaded the thought of raising support. But when she felt God calling her to the mission field, she couldn’t resist.

Kaytlin is a 2005 graduate of BBC’s Counseling program. Initially she pictured herself as a school guidance counselor. When she married her husband, Stephen, an artist who hopes to reach people through “Manga,” or Japanese comic books, she knew she was Japan-bound. The couple is planning to work with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), departing for Japan at the end of 2015.

Kaytlin and Stephen have been married for eight years and have a three-year old daughter, Scarlett.

I professed my faith at age four. Having accepted Christ at an early age and growing up in church, reading the Bible easily became “old hat.” It took many years for me to come to the overwhelming sense of wanting to follow Jesus no matter what. This changed my behaviors, focus, and actions. It helped me to devote everything to God, something I still work on every day.

I chose BBC first and foremost because it was a Christian college. I was a student at Word of Life Bible Institute and I wanted to transfer to a college that would grant a WOL scholarship. There were several colleges on the list, but BBC was the most appealing because it offered a counseling program and the campus life was exactly what I was looking for. BBC also came highly recommended.

Lynelle Buchanan was one of my favorite professors. She has such a passion for counseling. I don’t think I realized how much of a blessing it was at the time to sit in her classroom. She was very gracious and patient with her students.

Mrs. Carol King impressed me because, even though she was dean of women at the time, she didn’t hesitate to mentor me when I asked. I shared with her that I felt the Lord leading my heart towards missions, but I dreaded the idea of raising support. I told her that I couldn’t see myself doing that, begging people for money. I felt that I would rather work and pay my own way. She told me that I shouldn’t take away the joy of giving from someone willing to support me. She encouraged me to change my view of support raising. Flash forward almost a decade later and I think about those words all the time. I am raising support and it is a roller coaster ride of emotions. It can sometimes be very discouraging, but the memory of her words still lifts my spirit.

A quote from John Piper’s book Don’t Waste Your Life seemed to be meant especially for me: “God is closing in on some of you. He is like the ‘Hound of Heaven’ who means to make you far happier in some dangerous and dirty work. Missionaries and ministers of mercy don’t come from nowhere. They come from people like you, stunned by the glory of God and stopped in your tracks.” As I read those words, I felt God nudging my heart. He reassured me that He would qualify and prepare me. I knew that I just needed to be willing. Setting out to be a long-term missionary overseas was very scary at first but I know that God will give me grace and strengthen me for what He has called our family to do.

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