1: 53,000

We currently live in Central Pennsylvania.  Neither of us are originally from this area, so, as outsiders, we can definitely observe the insane love for Penn State in this region. People drive to State College to pack the stadium that seats 106,000 people.  That is a LOT of Penn State fans.

psu beaver stadium

Japan has a population of 127 million.

There is one missionary to 53,000 people.  That means, for us as a married unit, there would be 2 of us for 106,000 people. Yes, the entire Beaver stadium of Penn State fans.

No big deal, right?  I’m sure building relationships, teaching the Bible, and “doing life” with 106,000 people will be feasible.  (note sarcasm).

Wow, those numbers are mind boggling.  It’s not overwhelming because God will expect us to actually build relationships with 106,000 people…..it’s overwhelming because there is that big of a need.  

Over 99.99%  of the people in Japan haven’t been told about Jesus.

What a devastating and urgent need.

japanese crowd pedestrians-400811_640

We have seen the need, and we feel dramatically and powerfully called to go and help and serve the Japanese.

Please visit team.org/givenow if you would like to partner with us, and then you can have a part in meeting the need.


statistics taken from http://www.asianaccess.org/profiles/japan.html



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