It’s the Network

“Can you hear me now?”


If you were born any time before the year 2000 the chances are you picture the same exact guy everyone else does when you hear that question.  Sometime near the middle of the first decade of the new millennium Verizon Wireless launched an ad campaign that quickly became ubiquitous.  The catch phrase was instantly quotable as people all over the country saw Verizon’s smiling, ardent everyman faithfully check the reliability of its coverage area in the worst weather and most ridiculously out of the way areas.  The point was simple:  Verizon was working hard to ensure its customers had the best coverage possible.


Soon the narrative shifted slightly, it wasn’t just about whether your calls dropped or not; Verizon had established, at least in its marketing, it was a given they would not.   Though the “Can you hear me now?” Guy continued to take the lead, he was joined by a legion of steadfast Verizon workers in hardhats and chinos all of whom followed around Verizon’s customers to provide them with personalized service from the nation’s most reliable network.


It wasn’t just about one guy anymore.  If you were a Verizon customer you had your own army of people supporting you.



God is so good.  It has been our pleasure to see Him work in us and through us as we’ve been going through the support raising process.  As a missionary at this stage, it’s easy to think of fundraising as something that has to be done in order to get to your real ministry, but this is our real ministry.  Therefore, it’s been my primary prayer request that God would keep us mindful of the work that He is doing in us and through us even now.


About a week ago as I was praying for God to increase the number of workers introducing the people of Japan to Him, I realized something.  God has been steadily doing just that.  In His grace, He has been opening people’s eyes to Japan’s spiritual poverty and heartache.  Whether through us or other missionaries in our position, there is a growing network of believers praying for its people to know Him.  This is not our ministry to Japan, it is Jesus’ ministry to Japan and we are all part of it as His body.


Not everyone is called to partner with us financially, but we can all pray for Japan and its people.  Every single one of us can join Jesus in this ministry as part of His network.  In the same way, Kaytlin and I realize that there is a network of His followers behind us, praying for us as we minister here and onward.  How much more reliable is the network of Christ than Verizon!  We truly can pray boldly in His name anywhere and everywhere and the God of all creation will always hear us.


So break out your hardhat and khaki pants and join us as we pray for Japan.



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