Sticker Shock in Missions


It’s not uncommon to wonder why missionary support may *seem* so expensive.  The sticker shock can be real–if you’re not informed as to why the costs exist.

Our monthly support is over $8,000/month.   Our monthly support to live in Japan is higher compared with living in other parts of the world.  (Japan is one of the most expensive countries to live in–and they still need the gospel regardless of the cost to live there).  It’s easy to think that’s high, especially if you think “our family doesn’t live on $8,000 a month”.  That’s true, and we won’t either.  Our living expenses alone are not $8,000/month.  There are many costs that are figured into our support budget.  Did you know our living allowance is actually less than what the average American school teacher makes?  Our goal is to be as responsible as possible with all support given to our ministry.


This article (link below) is a very helpful tool in explaining the cost of missionary support.  Please check it out!

“What we often don’t think about are the actual costs of ministry personnel in our local churches. On top of salary, you have benefits paid by the church, the cost of offices and facilities, the cost of support personnel who assist them, as well as the covering of ministry expenses. It is a much larger bill than we often realize. The difference with missionaries is that everything shows up in what they need to raise. There are no hidden costs.

Mission incomes are quite modest. It is the ancillary costs that are not. The next time you have sticker shock, remember what the number means and does not mean.”

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