so…when are you moving?


unnamedThings have really picked up pace around our home!  Our to-do list is long,
our summer is moving quickly,
our schedule is full,
and our anticipation is growing! This is getting real.

That leads us to the famous question we always get asked:
“When are you moving?”
Short answer:  When we reach 100% support (scroll down to see our current level of monthly support!)
Prayerful answer: at the end of the summer / early fall (wow, only a few months from now! eek!)
At this time, we are planning to move out of the home we’re staying in one month before we fly to Japan.  We will ship certain household items ahead of us and we’ll live out of suitcases and stay with family for several weeks.  So moving for us will take place in two parts:  a “farewell” to our local family and friends, and then a second “farewell” to our out of town family and friends.

Some items from our very long (so long, it takes up two white boards on our fridge) to-do list are as follows:
1. Wait for our visa paperwork to be processed
2. Finish researching shipping companies and start packing those boxes!
3. Whatever we’re not taking will need to be sorted, sold, donated, etc. You don’t realize how much work this is until you start the process!
4. The many, many financial and household items that need ironed out before an overseas move.

We spoke with TEAM Japan this week and learned that we now have a house waiting for us!  We got to see pictures and a friend even gave us a Skype tour!  This makes the move seem all the more real. We can’t wait to move in!
81 percent update(as of July 1, 2016 we are tentatively higher than 81%…we’ll keep you posted!)

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Hearts for Japan,
Stephen & Kaytlin Brock

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