eating my words

We’ve all done it, we’re all guilty. We’ve all said something we swear we’d never do.

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We’ve all had to eat our words.

I’ve had to do this MANY times in my life.  One particular example of this is when I swore I would “never homeschool my children”.  Well, my words have officially become dinner.

What I am not doing here is debating homeschooling vs. public school vs. christian school vs. cyber school.  We all have an opinion on this, and we may have to eat our words on it at some point (like me, yay!).

Being a missionary means a life of transition and things being out of our control. We plan on starting our oldest in Japanese school, but we’ll be supplementing US subjects through homeschooling. Japanese school doesn’t start until April, and we are moving in the fall. All of this to say, we’d like her receiving some sort of education during this time of transition.

Now enters teacher mommy. Even though we’ve known for some time this was our family’s decision, I still let myself have a mental block on actually having to plan anything for my daughter’s upcoming Kindergarten year. It was very difficult for me to give up my own American dream of watching her walk into Kindergarten at our local public school. I couldn’t wait for another fall of backpack and lunch box pictures. I couldn’t wait to post her first day photos. I had to realize this wasn’t God’s plan for our lives this fall. I finally swallowed this pill last week, when I frantically started planning our Kindergarten schooling.

So I ate my words.

Then panic set in.

I sat at my computer screen this week, scared to death and feeling totally unprepared. See, it’s not like I’ve tried to procrastinate. When you are going through a time of insane transition like we are, you tend to focus on the immediate matters, like getting visas, support raising, packing, sorting, etc. You can’t always plan ahead for your child’s impending education (or at least I comfort myself with this). I stared at my laptop screen wondering what on earth I was going to do.  Then I prayed. I prayed that God would bring me to the resources that were right for my family.  As always, He delivered.  I pieced together a wonderful(ish) plan  that encompasses my daughter’s varied interests and educational needs.  I contacted my teacher friends and homeschooling moms and received wonderful encouragement, advice and resources.  Now, I have such peace (even though I’m still a little nervous how this is all going to get done).

So on August 29th we will not be driving our daughter to Kindergarten at the public school.  I will still watch the school bus drive by and wish she was going, but God is good.  I’m so excited to teach her at home (while packing boxes at the same time), and spend more time connecting with her.  She and I are both looking forward to her first day.

(now pray for our sanity…ready, set, GO!)





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