Biking to Belong in Japan

I twist and turn down the bumpy sidewalk in my suburban neighborhood of Tokyo, and I feel the cool air hit my face. I hear the cars passing me, and I smell exhaust fumes mixed with scents from the corner restaurant. As I approach a pedestrian crossing I hear the screech of my brakes, and I’m reminded of why I feel at home here.

I never thought riding a bicycle in Tokyo would become my favorite pastime.

My husband and I moved to Tokyo just four months ago, along with our two young children and dog. If you would’ve told me before we moved that I would end up riding a bike around town to fetch my groceries, run my errands, drop my child off at school and commute to language classes, I would’ve been so scared.

Sure, I enjoyed riding a bike when I was 8 years old. I spent my childhood racing around my neighborhood.

But as an adult? As an American who only used a car to get around? Surely not me.

Read the rest of the article featured on TEAM’s blog here, where you can also see photos of my bikes!


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    Wendy on June 13, 2017 Reply

    Me too, I love riding in Japan. It’s something my parents struggled to understand when they visited recently, but it really is much more fun (unless it’s raining or blowing dust) than driving locally.

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